About the origins


The launch of the club:
The BMW Coupé-Club e.V. was founded on May 1st 1986 (as BMW Coupé-Club Deutschland e.V.). In the beginning of 1982 our club and founder
member the diehard hobby mechanic Rainer Schneider was looking for spare parts to restomode some parts of his BMW 3.0 CSL,
which he bought in September 1979. He placed an advertisement in a car magazine to which Werner Hand answered
(also club and founder member). So this is how it began. Over the years their contact grew closer, and more people with the same
field of interest (BMW Coupé of type E9) joined them. They decided to launch a community of interest and came together in
organized meetings regularly. Due to the steady increase of the community, and that they were not allowed to use the name
and logo of BMW for legal reasons, they had to find a solution. After the second major meeting in late summer 1985,
the last actions were taken to launch a club. Informations on club founding and samples of possible club rules were collected,
layed down and discarded again. They had a hard time reviewing each and every article,
but after some small rearrangements demanded by the authorities, the BMW Coupé-Club Deutschland e.V. was born.

The dedicated founder members who made this possible are:
• Werner Hand
• Klaus Hinkel
• Günther Mangold
• Kurt Schierfeld
• Rainer Schneider
• Ulrike Schneider
• Hans-Günter Schwarze.

The amount of members decreased over the years, which not only reflects the general turnover of such a community, but unfortunately also
shows the „natural selection“ of the automobiles. In the past most of the cars were used everyday, and since their bodies were not
ideally protected from corrosion back then, huge repairs and restaurations became necessary. Different coupés were purchased
frequently and then dissembled and reassembled. The leftovers of the car bodies were scrapped. Genuine parts became rare and expensive,
as the production of the coupé had ended. As a result, a lot of interested people and club members had to give up their hobby.
In recent years however, the interest on the automobiles has been increasing, and the supply of spare parts has been improved.
Check our section New spare parts.

But first of all, the coupés are no longer in every day use, but rather maintained as collector´s items.
Here´s a list of our previous club meetings. History.

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